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Our Story

Who we are ?

Unlike a typical structure, ToshiDesk is an open company, passionate about the emergence of digital currency, collaborating with idealist who wish to enhance the way we trade crypto.

Our Team

Inception of ToshiDesk

For several years a collective of nerds teetered on the edge of creating a platform connecting the community of crypto.Finally, In the fall of 2014' ToshiDesk morphed from an idea, into Reality.


Why we do it ?

We belive digital currency greatly needed a social platform connecting traders based upon integrity, creativity, and insight.

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The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. -Amelia Earhart


Traders recieve rankings based upon their credible insight and analysis of the crypto marketplace. In return for a traders valued content followers provide compensation via micropayments in digital currency, ultimately vitalizing a prosperous community from the ground up.

Chart Sharing

ToshiDesk offers a game changing tool which enables a traders friends and followers to view your entry and exit points within a specific marketplace. Most importantly this level of transparency also confirms the validity and credibility of a traders insight, analysis, and perspective on emergent crypto currencies.


Traders are able to take full advantage of Toshidesk's interactive trading platform which provides real-time data on 437 digital currencies, comments, tweets, and post on new coins, and real-time push notifications from experienced traders offering advice 24/7.


Our goal is to enhance the way people trade by building a true trading ecosystem allowing ToshiDesk to Evolve the Face of Crypto-MasterTrader777

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Pursuing Innovation within the Fintech Industry

ToshiDesk TEAM



January 2015

Pre-Alpha Phase

ToshiDesk begins Pre-Alpha Phase
MasterTraderCoin (MTR)

February 2015


MTR & ToshiDesk Crowdfunding
ToshiDesk begins
Alpha Phase

April 2015

Closed Beta

ToshiDesk Closed Beta
MTR Distribution to

June 2015

Public Beta

ToshiDesk Open Beta
Marketing Campaign.

Are you a Master Trader?

Master the Marketplace

Planning & Research

  • Stay informed with Push notifications from experienced crypto traders
  • Custom Charting tools provide an enhanced point of reference
  • Live News and updates verified media providers

Launch your Insight

  • Connect with like minded individual who share a passion for Bitcoin and alternative currencies
  • Get paid to build a following of subscribers who value your opinion.
  • Discover new trading techniques from informed traders.


  • Access hundreds of crypto currency charts in real-time
  • Control customizable charting tools, designed for social media functionality
  • Recieve News updates in Real-Time

Enhanced Data

  • Aquire historical charting from 437 digital currencies
  • Study previous patterns and trends on hundreds of crypto currencies
  • Utilize community insight to trade wisely.
Toshidesk is creating a face for crypto!